Sunday, 28 August 2011


Well I've been given my new project my friend has shown someone a picture of my last blackwork project and she wants one to lol

Explained I can't do another as that one was a gift for a family member so we spent 2 hours going over my books until she found something she liked seems like I'm typecast into my blackwork lol I really don't mind I love doing it far more so than anything else but didn't expect to be doing another piece so soon

I've put my art deco cross stitch in my sewing box guess I'll have to pick her up some other time no idea when the blackwork is quite labour intensive may have to start designing my own pieces soon people seem to like them lol
Dean;-) xx


  1. Think it's a number of things really I like the freedom in the sence that I can just pick up my neddle and get on with the sewing without the messing around with endless different colour floss for me personally I find blackwork more relaxing than cross stitch while I do enjoy cross stitch i can't seem to get lost in what I'm doing like I can my blackwork and most importantly I love the finished product the simplicity of the black and White and the patterns just really work for me guess it's just a matter of personal taste but I find it very rewarding. Dean