Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cross stitch

Seems a little bit odd now working on this black cross stitch sampler on my last project I was only working with one strand of floss as the blackwork needed to look very fine

So working with two as odd as it may sound seems very strange and is taking some getting use to I would really like to complete this piece as soon as I can so I can start something new

I was ask yesterday by a friend on the hand embroidery network if I only ever did blackwork the answer to which is no I love cross stitch it was what got me started on this fantastic hobby and it would be nice to do a colourful cross stitch project in the near future.

The problem is there are so few good arts and crafts shops left around let alone ones that stock a good choice of kits it is so sad as it's clear so many of us find pleasure in our hobby getting the basics to do any kind of project is becoming a problem where I live and I can see it's only a matter of time before I have to start ordering what I need off the Internet .

Have a great day all and happy stitching Dean ;-) xx

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