Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Gold plated needles

When I first read about gold plated needles I thought it was just another money making scheme to get us to part with yet more cash for our hobby.

But I recently got one in a blackwork kit I brought on the Internet and I have to say it really does make a difference to the way that you saw I know this will sound odd but it does seem to make the way you sew a lot smoother.

My local store thought I had lost my mind when I went in and asked for gold plated needles I guess it's not an everyday request especially here in Blackpool lol the assistant wanted to know if I'd won the lotto so had to resort to the internet again there are a number of sites that stock them if your not already using them that is.

There not as expensive as you would think a couple of pounds which really is a small price to pay for the difference it will make to your sewing it's all I would ever use now

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