Friday, 12 August 2011

Cross stitch project

Have had a good couple of days been able to work on my project as I have had the house to myself the last couple of nights and again tonight

It has become somewhat of a comfort been able to come home from a stressful day at work and been able to relax with my needlework and the hours fly by once you start to loose yourself in what you are doing.

A friend at work has told me of a craft shop that is local to me that has a good stock of cross stitch so weather permitting I will go and take a look tomorrow and see if there is anything that catches my eye to start when I have completed this piece.

But is only open three days a week I always like to keep a back up just in case I get finished sooner than I had planned or at the very least I can pick up some Aida and floss and design my own piece will take some pics of the place to share lol have a great day all
Dean ;-)

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