Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blackwork project

Well I met my goal that I set myself on Friday and managed to complete my panels yesterday helped along by the fact I had the house to myself so I was able to spend my evening curled up on the sofa working away with little Georgie Llasa apso by my side.

The only distraction I had were my two cats Sox and Georgia who thought it would be great fun to sit by my sewing table attempting to run off with my floss the minute my eye was back to the embroidery lol I wish I was that easily amused.

All in all it was a very relaxing evening been able to sew and the animals playing it was very homely only to be topped this morning to wake to the smell of fresh baking bread cooking in the bread machine I had set last night to be ready for breakfast.

It goes to show that while we live in a fast pace world where everything is so often crazy their is some truth in the old saying the simple things in life really are the best

Have a great day everyone

Dean ;) xxxx

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  1. Hi Dean I have just been looking on my flickr site and there is a group called BLACKWORK AND ALL OTHER BLACK AND WHITE NEEDLEWORK. If you don't already know about it you might find it useful.
    Lynn x
    Log on to FLICKR under groups