Thursday, 8 September 2011

Received my book

There was a parcel waiting for me yesterday when I got home my books from Lynn had arrived blackwork by Lesley Barnett and the world of embroidery both of which look very interesting and a lovely little piece of blackwork which was a lovely thought.

so I have plenty of reading material and some new ideas for forthcoming projects finding good books on blackwork is becoming very difficult at the moment as I have now managed to get a good collection together but I'm always on the lookout for more to add they are a great resource when your stuck for ideas.

My partner is working late this evening so I will be able hopefully to settle down and get some serious work done on my current project which has been a little neglected the last few days only been able to get the odd hour here and there to work on it so the plan this weekend is to get my jobs out of the way nice and early so I can concentrate on my blackwork and make some headway

Hope you all have a fantastic day


  1. Hi Dean, have just worked out how to follow your blog, sorry I have ended up showing up as two followers. Anyway, glad you like the books. Your work is outstanding you are so disciplined. Could do with a bit of that rubbing off on me my friend. Have a great Sunday.
    Lynn xxx

  2. Thank you Lynn the books were fantastic , this piece I'm working on at the moment is taking a lot of time lol but it will be worth it when it's finished I have been enjoying the postings of your work an the H.E.N lovely pieces Dean xx

  3. Have you had a look at my blog
    Not a patch on fanny &virginia but still worth looking at
    Lynn x