Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Well as things are going I'm hoping to be moving on to another piece of the sampler by the weekend I will post pictures now once it's all completed and of course some from Spain only 8 days before we go now.

Very excited about been able to look round and hopefully lay my hands on some new books or even better a piece of antique blackwork which would be a dream come true lol.

I have my next project lined up I'm going to do some cross stitch from the all our yesterday's book I brought to be displayed at the day centre where I work so it will have a good home once it's completed


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  1. Hi Dean, I got a bundle of projects on blackwork today for 25p. They are cuttings from magazines that someone put in a folder. Can you email me your address again, I can't find it. Will put it in my proper book this time.
    Think you will like it all.
    Best wishes
    Lynn x
    Ps have a good hols.