Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kind thought

What a lovely way to start the morning I received an email this morning from one of my friends on the hand embroidery network who is very kindly sending me a book to add to my collection on blackwork one her friends was having a clear out and she thought I would like the book so a big thank you Lynn

Not sure if you all know about the hand embroidery network it's a great site where you can discuss your work In the forums, ask questions or leave information others may find interesting or useful you can post pictures of your work on the activity page to.

It's a great resource for meeting people that are interested in all kinds of embroidery and quilting and getting to know what's going on and where, I've found it a great resource it's free to join and has members from around the world all of whom I've found to be very friendly.

I've learnt a great deal from this site so look it up on the net and join up it's really great to see all the different work people are doing with their embroidery and meet other likeminded people that have a love of this great hobby.
Have a great day everyone
Dean;-) xxxx

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